VR Services

AVRHub’s Virtual Reality Services can ensure that your media matches today’s virtual standards, whether you’re trying to create a compelling video or photo experience for your consumers. Whether it is for business or pleasure, AVR Hub excels in creating innovative VR solutions.
Our competent team can take your virtual reality experience to the next level, creating a long-lasting impact.

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360° Virtual Reality Room

AVR Hub allows you to provide customers with a unique VR Experience. We create virtual rooms that display the design of the room, using projection technology or high quality screens. You can rely on us to create the room that you want your customers to experience, as well as the design followed by the equipment and the software required for the equipment. Our designers will work with you to create and customize the designs you wish to be included in the virtual experience room.

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Virtual reality gaming services

By utilizing the Oculus Rift, and powerful gaming engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity, we can assure you a memorable experience whether it is targeted directly towards entertainment or as part of a marketing strategy. Mini-games included in your website or as part of your demonstration will go a long way to instill confidence in your customers and make their shopping journey unforgettable.

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Virtual experience rooms

This service is ideal for clients looking to provide their customers a means of exhibiting their products from all directions. With the use of a VR Headset or multiple screens, the user becomes fully immersed in a digital environment; where the user has full mobility in the digital world and has the ability to walk, run, lift objects, interact, etc. The idea is to place the user in the environment that the video was filmed in.

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Virtual tour

With the growth of the internet, consumers are becoming more and more selective with the places they visit. AVRHub Virtual Tour can be integrated smoothly with your existing website and add custom branding. You can allow customers to take a full virtual tour of a property from the comfort of their own homes. It is a great marketing strategy, being able to entice visitors with an interactive VR tour that showcases what you have to offer. Virtual Tours are created by combining 360-degree pictures, video, or CGI. Viewable on a desktop, mobile device, or virtual reality headset, allowing viewers to move from scene to scene at their leisure, with audio, text, and photos providing information along the way.

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Virtual events

Virtual events can be relevant and engaging, resulting in a significant increase in attendance. You get two benefits from our virtual event solution: time and convenience. We create the environment of the event and we can host the event on our servers, and your audience can attend at any time, from anywhere in the world, and still, get the personalized experience they would get at a live event. These cost-effective virtual events can overcome limitations such as time, resources, and place. You will be able to reach an unlimited audience regardless of where they are in the world. The virtual event can substantially increase your attendance rates and boost your brand awareness.

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Real Estate Virtual 3D

You can’t afford not to have virtual tours on your website if you are in the real estate business; as they help clients to see exactly what they desire, allowing them to be more decisive when buying. Our real estate virtual 3D is a great way to help buyers to visualize the home or hotel room layout if it meets their needs and provides an alternative to visiting in person. If you want to attract more buyers for your real estate, or more hotel guests, our virtual real estate solution can be a terrific way to make your home or hotel accessible to a greater number of customers.

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Virtual Interactive Design

We create virtual design for any space, allowing anyone using this technology to actually interact with the designs and feel more immersed in their surroundings; they can view it using VR glasses or laptop or any other device even PlayStation, and the people can interact with the objects in the design like opening doors touch the objects and watch movies in their favorite environment, we transform peoples’ dream into a reality they can live in.