The Hologram is a powerful technology that allows us to visualize data into real 3D models. AVR Hub provides a range of hologram and holographic solutions, including setting up the backgrounds, creating the required graphics, and supplying you with the equipment required for a full holographic experience. The usage of hologram services can be applied to several fields and businesses such as events, art and display, medical, showrooms, and many more.

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Realistic Capture

Capture is an integral part of the hologram 3D display. By implementing the correct capture techniques, we can provide you with a realistic 3D experience, covering all aspects of the hologram, from lighting to graphics, angles, and size. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to accurately project images using capture techniques which will lead to a mesmerizing experience.

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3D Hologram

3D Holographic by AVRHub is a perfect solution to stand out when promoting your products. This cutting-edge visual technology has established a new technique to effectively show your product while capturing the attention of your target audience. Whether it is for a concept design, or for products that require customization to certain customers’ needs, you can make use of 3D Holographic to provide a life-size 3D model view-able in real life rather than a screen.

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Interactive Hologram

How about using the power of artificial intelligence to create a fun and unique way to present your services and products, our team can customize an interactive holographic assistant according to your organization requirements and image, not only entertaining but also an effective way to inform your clients what services and products you provide and answer their questions quickly.